Friday, October 26, 2007

Got a Package

Got a package from Knit Picks a few days ago...Yippy!! I ordered a set of interchangable Harmany needle tips. I will use these needles for making eyelash wiggy style chemo caps. If you have ever dropped a stitch using eyelash yarn it is a pain to pick up the stitches. So to avoid the dropped stitches altogether, I bought these needles to help get a better grip on the yarn...fingers crossed...I also bought a book on wraps called "wrap STYLE". If you click on the more images of this book from Knit Picks site and 5-8 tab, I plan on making "Wandering Aron Fields wrap", the green one. I wanted to use some swish yarn for this but the color I want "Lemongrass Heather" is out of stock till Dec., so I think i'll use the swish Natural undyed in the same weight and dye my own. Just think superwash wool in a worsted weight that you can machine wash. How cool is that? Hip Hip for Knit Picks... click on image to enlarge

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Drum Carding

I did some drum carding the other day. Black/Gray Washed Corriedale it lovely or what? I am making a 2 ply sock yarn for kilt hose. As for the drum carder...What a wonderful piece of equipment. Mine is a Strauch 405 Finest chain driven, comes with everything you could possibly need. I like the chain slipping bands to mess with. I did buy it from Copper Moose and they threw in a book called Color in Spinning. It looks to me like they are throwing in fiber this time. The book has lots of info on blending fibers on a drum carder. click on images to enlarge

Functional Replacement

Does anybody remember when I broke a peg on my lovely Majacraft Wheel Skein Winder....oh I was so angry, I had only used it a few times. Well, I made a FUNCTIONAL replacement, it's not pretty but works a treat. I replaced 2 pegs with springs, then put nails in the center so they wouldn't bend. After I wound my skein, I carefully pulled out the nails with plyers. The springs bend and VOILA....the skein easily comes right off.

click on images to enlarge

Friday, October 12, 2007

Cute and Cuddly

Time to post some pics of my babies...

click on images to enlarge

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