Thursday, May 08, 2008


We have had 2 very tragic eventful days. Got a call on Tuesday morning ^AM ...Your father has had a stroke and is in ICU, 6 hours later still in the AM your mother was sent to ICU, she too has had a stroke...OMG. I rush to get packed up and travel to my parents home and hospital...2 hours away.

NEXT DAY....Hubby and I are at the hospital and get a call from the Police department at our home town....there has been a car accident ...OMG "Thinking that it is hubbys family in England" Nope thankfully....somebody has driven through your front yard took out front fence, side fence, aviary, 2 gates, BBQer, gas line, yard swing, and many many other things and crashed through your house...into your lovely new kitchen and of course took out 6 windows and wall....OMFG!!! MY CATS ....MY CATS...MY PARENTS.....MY PARENTS.....What next...sigh I am still in shock...Parents are doing very well and are expected to have full recoveries...kitties are all here and are shookup a bit but happy to see us....again....I am still in shock! Have not slept for almost 3 days. The most sad, is the man driving the car died....I am glad we were not home. At the time and place the car went through the house is the exact time and place we would have been standing there (no kidding)....OMG!! I'm still shook up...need to calm down. Need food. Cannot eat, no kitchen and no place to go eat at this time in this 1 horse town...sigh......oh oh much rubble that flew everywhere even in my new bathroom that is around the corner from the kitchen....go figure...the utility man said he swept most of it up in the bathroom so he wouldn't crush glass into the new floor while trying to get to the hot water heater.


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