Saturday, May 26, 2007

Real Joys of Home Ownership

The real joys of home ownership...
Our bathroom is coming along fine, slow but fine. We had to rent the jack hammer again for the third time. We just keep finding more plumbing surprises. This time the sewer vent was plugged with poo (shit) over 50 years of compacted Real shit! PEEEUUUUU...LOL..hmmm not good, sewer gases can kill. They didn't know what they were doing when they plumbed it 50 some years ago. So we took EVERY bit of plumbing out and replumbed everything right. Not what we planned on doing , but we had to. I have a working toilet, thats all. Still bathing in the kitchen sink for now. Butt in one side and legs in the other. I worry that the sink will collapse with me in We have to finish the walls, cement the floors, tile the floors and TONS of other stuff before I get my tub. Oh we also need to order 2 windows before we can fur and sheetrock the cement walls. Andrew will be busy!...LOL. I think this project will take all summer.
Check out the recessed lighting...

Friday, May 18, 2007

CSMing Outside

I spent all day outside playing. Moved a few hoses around to water the trees and shrubs. Mostly I played with my csm (circular sock machine) in the shade. Tigerlily Joined me.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bathroom Project

The prettest site you can ever imagine...the hubby starting on the bathroom project..YIPPY!!!
Soon I will be able to bathe in a nice white bathroom. We went to the local Lowes (220 miles away) to get a few odds and sods...small white tile for the floor, bevelled mirror set-in medicine cabinet, full length bevelled mirror sliding doors for closet (the closet doors might help me to loose some weight..lololol), 9 ceiling recessed lights, vanity lights, and so much more. Lets just say the cargo van was stuffed!! We've had the cast iron clawfoot tub (hand-me-down from family), white pedistal sink (in box still)) and white toilet (in box still)for about 8-9 years, so its about time...lololol. Oh, and I finally got some cabinets for above my washer and dryer (white of course) more washing and cleaning supplies all over the floor. Just need to finish the wall first before installation. Thats it for now, will post pics. as we move along.

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