Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blue Mountain Handcrafts Fiber Tools

The 4 pitch Comb/Hackle set (etsy site) is the best fiber tool ever! I have used it everyday since the day I received it. I went from raw alpaca to lovely roving. The craftmanship is second to none. Here is their web site Blue Mountain handcrafts. click on images to enlarge

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Local Farm Eggs

click on images to enlarge
About 2 weeks ago Andrew & I went to our locally owned grocery store and found these local fresh farm eggs...WOW! None of them are white. Greens, browns and a few golden ones. I put a white one in so you can tell the difference. The white one looks bigger but it isn't, it is actually a bit smaller. Anyway the taste is wonderful and all 3 dozen have been eaten already. We eat them boiled and without the yolk.

Dyeing Cormo

I dyed some cormo fleece the other day. Still have a bit left to dye yet. I ordered a Hybrid 4 pitch English Comb and Hackle set in oak with Mahogany also a 2 pitch comb for shorter fibers. Birthday gift to myself. Birthday isn't till Fathers Day and the set needs to be made yet. So fingers crossed i'll get it before then. Hubby seems to be pleased about me getting all my boxed fiber(fleeces) processed...But I need more...hehehehe. Can't get enough of that fluffy goodness!!

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