Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Eyelet Brim Cotton Cap

by Candy Wheatcroft
Materials list
1 Ball TLC Cotton Plus or equivalent
Size 7 needles (36 " circular or longer for Magic Loop Method) or (16"circular & double pointed)
Yarn needle
Cast on 84 sts. Join to make rnd.
Knit with main yarn until piece measures 4 inches from beginning (unrolled).
Be creative....add stripes of different colors for interest.
*Knit 12, k2tog, repeat from * for 1 rnd.
Knit next rnd.
*Knit 11, k2tog, repeat from*
Knit next rnd.
*Knit 10, k2tog, repeat from *
Knit next rnd.
Follow this decreasing pattern and knitting the next rnd...until you get to *Knit 5, k2tog, repeat from *.
*Knit 4, k2tog, repeat from *
*Knit 3, k2tog, repeat from *
*Knit 2, k2tog, repeat from *
*Knit 1, k2tog, repeat from *
*k2tog, repeat from *.
Cut yarn leaving a long enough tail to weave into every stitch several times and pull tight.

With the right side facing, pick up 84 sts along the bottom edge.
Knit 1 rnd.
*Knit 4, (Eyelet Bar Increase) with your left needle pick up a bar from front to back and knit it. The bar is between the stitch on your right needle and the stitch on your left needle. Repeat from * for 1 rnd.

Knit 2 rnds.
Knit 2, eyelet bar increase, * knit 5, eyelet bar increase, repeat from * for 1 rnd, end with a knit 3.
Knit 1 rnd.
*Knit 6, eyelet bar increase, repeat from * for 1 rnd.
Knit 1 rnd.
Purl 1 rnd.
Knit 1 rnd.
Purl 1 rnd.
Cast off.
Weave in all loose ends.
Optional Alterations
Cap might be a bit small for most with hair. Cast on 90sts using size 8 needles.
Your decreasing will change to...(*Knit 13, k2tog, repeat from* for 1 rnd.). Knit the next rnd, then follow decreasing instructions above.
Can substitute a YO for a Bar increase, this will make the eyelets more pronounced.
Brim will change to...where the first bar increase starts...(*knit5, bar increase, repeat form * for 1 rnd). Wherever the next bar increases are, you must center them between the previous ones the best you can.

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© 2007 icandyarn. Candy Wheatcroft. All rights reserved.Not to be used for commercial purpose or profit without permission.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

"Of Course, its different"

I received a new ebay package in the mail yesterday from Canada. Another csm....weeee. How exciting is that? It was sooo squeeky clean, not a bit of dirt and or oil on it anywhere. It seems such a shame to have to put oil on it, but it must be done if I want to use it. Andrew (dh) asked me if it was different then the other 2 that I already have. My responce, "Of course, they have different cylinder sizes."hehehe. So does that mean I get no birthday present in a week and a half ?
I would like to purchase a compound cylinder set-up for my NZAK but the funds are gone. Well, I do have funds saved but they are for an emergency only! Maybe in a few months, fingers crossed. Anyway here are a few photos from receiving the package, to it all put together. I have already knit and ribbed on it. yippy!!

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Caps for a Cure

Here is a photo of the caps that got sent out today to their designated places. 17 childrens caps and only 5 adult caps this time. I really had fun playing with color and putting pointed tops on some of them. I'm pretty sure that the next few packages that go out in the future will look as bright....I have sooo much bright color chemo cap yarn left ...Happy Happy Joy Joy!

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