Friday, June 23, 2006

Dreamy Fleece

I happen to be surfing for some raw fleece recently and came across a site that sold covered Cormo fleece and they are located in Montana. If you are not familiar with cormo fleece it is a fine and very soft fiber with even crimp.
Well, I live in Montana too, so I emailed this couple (Rebecca and Dennis) and they happen to be fairly close, Great for me. I asked if they could send me samples of the fleece. They sent me large samples and even sent raw alpaca samples. The samples were so nice, that I had to order a whole fleece. They were so personable, kind, and eager to please. When the raw fleece arrived, I was so amazed at how super clean and beautiful it is and has no second cuts, wow. I have never before been so pleased with the quality of a raw fleece as I am with this one. Not to mention how great the service is.
I spin mostly sock yarn and this fleece will work perfectly for me, I will not be selling any sock yarn made from this is all Click on photos to get a closer look.
Here is the site address for the best covered fleece ever....Running Wild Yarn

2 kitties playing in the box that the fleece came in.

Friday, June 09, 2006

How to make Heel and Toe Hooks with Weights

If you don't have weights for your heels and toes for your Circular sock machine (csm). Here is a simple way to make them yourself. I went to the second hand store and found some thingies to make pleats on your drapes (don't know what they are anyway you need 4. You can probably get the drape pleat thingies at the fabric store or maybe at your local discount store. Went to the hardware store and found (8) 8oz. weights. Got into some of my bead supplies and found 8 key rings, you might be able to get them at the hardware store too. Put the weights on the key rings, it helps to open up the key ring with a screwdriver and twist. Take needle-nose pliers and bend the hook backwards on the drape thingies, and bend the tips down. I left the ball tips on mine but you can file them to points if you like, I might file mine too, not sure yet. You can put one 8 oz. weight on each heel and toe hook, or 2 if you need more weight. Click on the photo for a closer look.

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