Friday, June 23, 2006

Dreamy Fleece

I happen to be surfing for some raw fleece recently and came across a site that sold covered Cormo fleece and they are located in Montana. If you are not familiar with cormo fleece it is a fine and very soft fiber with even crimp.
Well, I live in Montana too, so I emailed this couple (Rebecca and Dennis) and they happen to be fairly close, Great for me. I asked if they could send me samples of the fleece. They sent me large samples and even sent raw alpaca samples. The samples were so nice, that I had to order a whole fleece. They were so personable, kind, and eager to please. When the raw fleece arrived, I was so amazed at how super clean and beautiful it is and has no second cuts, wow. I have never before been so pleased with the quality of a raw fleece as I am with this one. Not to mention how great the service is.
I spin mostly sock yarn and this fleece will work perfectly for me, I will not be selling any sock yarn made from this is all Click on photos to get a closer look.
Here is the site address for the best covered fleece ever....Running Wild Yarn

2 kitties playing in the box that the fleece came in.


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