Saturday, April 15, 2006

Drum Carder

I received a well packed package a few weeks ago and I wanted to share a few photos with you. I purchased a new Strauch 405 Finest (thanks Dad) with the brush attachment and all the goodies included from an ebay seller. The seller even included a free book...Color in Spinning. The book is wonderful, a must have book for those who use or want to use a drum carder. The carder is larger then I expected. I put a Majacraft Spinning Wheel bobbin next to it so you can get an idea of the size of this baby. Now all I need is some real nice fleece. I have some merino fleece that has so much VM that I waste more then I can process. I wish that the person I bought the fleece from would cover her merino sheep. It seems that she could get quite a bit more money for her fleece if she did. But anyway, I blended some superwash merino roving with some nylon fiber...didn't turn out to I won't be doing that again. I also blended some different colored roving together and just started to spin it. Looks good and is soooo soft and easy to handle when put through my drum carder. I love it!!!


Blogger Fibernut said...

Hi Candy, congrats on your new drumcarder. I am thinking about getting the exact same one, but I am wondering if it will work with really fine wool fiber. You mentioned in your post that carding the merino with the nylon didn't come out so great. Could you tell me specifics? Right now I have the Louet roving carder, but I keep getting neps with very fine merino.

12:12 AM  
Blogger candy said...

Hello Tina,
The nylon fiber was sooo much longer then my merino that I couldn't get them to blend very easy. Drum carding with fine wool is a breeze with this carder. The trick is to put thin and small amounts of fiber into it (you should be able to see the feed tray through your fiber) and crank very slowly. I have very little neps if any when I card fine wool. ... Remember crank very slowly.. Also the slicker licker drum is great I never get any fiber stuck on it ever and the 405 finest has everything you need without having to buy any extras. It also sits up high so you can put it anywhere on a table and still be able to card. Its heavy enough so I never need to clamp it to a table. I sit at the sofa infront of the TV and put the drum carder on an old piano bench without clamping great. I hope that gives you a little more insite. Kind regards and happy carding, Candy

3:07 PM  

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