Saturday, June 09, 2007

"Of Course, its different"

I received a new ebay package in the mail yesterday from Canada. Another csm....weeee. How exciting is that? It was sooo squeeky clean, not a bit of dirt and or oil on it anywhere. It seems such a shame to have to put oil on it, but it must be done if I want to use it. Andrew (dh) asked me if it was different then the other 2 that I already have. My responce, "Of course, they have different cylinder sizes."hehehe. So does that mean I get no birthday present in a week and a half ?
I would like to purchase a compound cylinder set-up for my NZAK but the funds are gone. Well, I do have funds saved but they are for an emergency only! Maybe in a few months, fingers crossed. Anyway here are a few photos from receiving the package, to it all put together. I have already knit and ribbed on it. yippy!!

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