Friday, October 26, 2007

Got a Package

Got a package from Knit Picks a few days ago...Yippy!! I ordered a set of interchangable Harmany needle tips. I will use these needles for making eyelash wiggy style chemo caps. If you have ever dropped a stitch using eyelash yarn it is a pain to pick up the stitches. So to avoid the dropped stitches altogether, I bought these needles to help get a better grip on the yarn...fingers crossed...I also bought a book on wraps called "wrap STYLE". If you click on the more images of this book from Knit Picks site and 5-8 tab, I plan on making "Wandering Aron Fields wrap", the green one. I wanted to use some swish yarn for this but the color I want "Lemongrass Heather" is out of stock till Dec., so I think i'll use the swish Natural undyed in the same weight and dye my own. Just think superwash wool in a worsted weight that you can machine wash. How cool is that? Hip Hip for Knit Picks... click on image to enlarge


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