Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bathroon Project ....Tub

Here is the paint I used on the outside of the tub. Quart size(more then plenty for this project),Oil base.....get a new paint brush designed for oil base paint and use it for only that. Don't forget to get some odorless solvent to clean your brush. My Hubby illustrates books for a living, he is the one who tought me how to clean a brush properly. If you are going to use your brush everyday for about a week you can just rest it in solvent until you use it the next day. I put the solvent in a glass jar and rest my brush in that(outside and out of the sun). When you take it out of the solvent you wash it with soap (dishsoap works)and water. You can use the same solvent for the week...thats what I did anyway.

I wire brushed(did't really need the brushing), lightly sanded then washed the tub with soapy water then let dry, about an hour or so. Put on 1 coat of covered nicely. Let the primer dry over night. Put on 1 coat of paint and let dry over night. Put on another coat of paint let dry over night and finially the 3rd. coat ...then I let it dry for a week. I could have even let it dry for a couple of weeks. I takes awhile for it to dry hard, so don't mess with Our humidity was very high when I was painting it...we never have high humidity...go figure.

The shower fixtures are in and the kitties had to help. In the photo the shower head is not on and neither are the curtains...but they are now. check out the lights,,.. I just love them. The shower head is one of those large sunflower/porcelain watering can type. And the curtains are of course...White cloth and clear curtain liners. The trim around the door needs to be put up, the windows need to be put in, the wall that the windows go into needs to be done, the rest of the tile needs to be put down and the closet needs to be built, oh the sink isn't put in yet either, but I can bathe...weeeee.

hmmmm my summer project might be finished by


Blogger Becky said...

Your tub looks great! What a big project.

12:47 AM  

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