Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Drum Carding

I did some drum carding the other day. Black/Gray Washed Corriedale Fleece....is it lovely or what? I am making a 2 ply sock yarn for kilt hose. As for the drum carder...What a wonderful piece of equipment. Mine is a Strauch 405 Finest chain driven, comes with everything you could possibly need. I like the chain driven...no slipping bands to mess with. I did buy it from Copper Moose and they threw in a book called Color in Spinning. It looks to me like they are throwing in fiber this time. The book has lots of info on blending fibers on a drum carder. click on images to enlarge


Blogger Necia said...

A drum carder is next on my list! I'm torn between a Louet Jr, and a Strauch Petite. I can't wait to I get one though!


6:47 PM  

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