Friday, July 10, 2009


Check this out...

WOW WEEEE!! What a perfect addition to my KitchenAid attachments, one of the best! ** An easy, no mess way to make icecream. I've been making homemade icecream for many years, I will NEVER go back to the ice and salt method ever again. ** No need to find another place to store another small kitchen appliance. Have you ever bought a small appliance made a few things with it and when you find a place to store it you never get it out again?...My bowl goes in the bottom of the chest freezer, ready to use in an instant. ** Bowl stays frozen for a long time...even after icecream is made. How cool is that? Here is a tip for making icecream...always put a pinch of salt in your mix and always refrigerate your mix over night(even if it says 2 hours). For more excellent tips on making icecream, watch Alton Brown "Good Eats". I just love the science of cooking.

Whats in the bowl...?? Maple Nut Icecream...YUMMY!!!
This got smoother as it on images to enlarge


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