Saturday, May 08, 2010

Processing Lamb Fiber

I purchased a Lamb Fleece (1/4 Romney X 3/4 Merino) from an Etsy seller and started processing it. First I turned up the hot water heater so that I wouldn't have to keep boiling water. I soaked it in Wool scour with multiple rinses and dried it by the heater overnight. I then have to open up the locks "by hand" which takes me days!!...Sooooo I decided to get out the credit card and flex it a bit...and purchase a wool picker. Did a little research and decided to get this one "Fancy Kitty Studio Bench Wool Picker". I got the legs, top and end caps so it will look like a table when not in use. I can put my drum carder on it also. I do believe it will be way to tall for me and I might have to cut the legs down. It's 39" tall and i'm not quite 60" tall. Weeeee it should be here on Wednesday and I have that day off...hehehehe. I'm so excited, now I can process all those raw fleeces laying around. Here are a few photos of the fleece i've been working on.....with a little help from violet. 1st photo: washing fleece, 2nd photo: opened locks ready for drum carder, 3rd photo: Kitty sleeping in the clean locks.


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